Sunday, May 1, 2011

Red Riding Hood

With extra red wool I had, I've made a 'Red Riding Hood' medieval style. It's completely lined in red linen, and hand stitched throughout. I used period stitching techniques, and also embroidered two wolves on the side gores. I made cloth buttons out of the red linen used for the lining, and I will be making buttonholes too. This hood pattern is based on the hood found in "Textiles and clothing, c.1150-c.1450
By Elisabeth Crowfoot, Frances Pritchard, Kay Staniland"
a book published by the Museum of London.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Red Wool Cotehardie

I made this dress awhile back and love the way it turned out.  It's not completely handsewn, however I did sew all the seam allowances down.  I used a wonderful pattern to help me and would recommend this to any other novice sewer.  I did have to fit my gown to my body and alter the base pattern but that's what is expected when our bodies have their unique curves :)

I am not wearing any undergown underneath this dress in this picture, so my boobs are not supported as they should be!  But I just wanted you to get the idea.  I dyed my hair to match the original artwork I found for an added touch (that and the fact that I was feeling spontaneous enough to do it).  My hair is back to normal now :)

A new take on Garb Blogging!

My first official post!  The U of A has frustratingly messed with my old blog and changed my ualberta e-mail.  So unfortunately I can't log into my old account.  But on the brighter side I am going to revamp my costuming blog and organize it better!  Also!  I'm going to add more lovely pictures of my garb!